The healthcare insurance program Golden Health is designed exclusively for VietJet Air’s employees with not only competitive additional coverages compared to standard program and but also enjoyed highest group discounts.

The program is designed by GINET Vietnam – the leading professional insurance broker in Vietnam.

Bảo hiểm sức khỏe Vietjet Air


Bảo hiểm sức khỏe Bảo Việt
  • Wide scope of coverage with competitive premium
  • Various advantages compared to individual insurance program (premium, waiting period, extension clauses…)
  • Training program for employees
  • 24/7 claim support


Note: Insurance period of the second registration is from 10.03.2020 to 31.07.2020 (both days inclusive)


877,000 vnd
  • Accident 24/24: 300M (vnd)
  • Medical treatment: 50M (vnd)
  • Out patient: 6M (vnd)


1,444,000 vnd
  • Accident 24/24: 1B (vnd)
  • Medical treatment: 65M (vnd)
  • Out patient: 10M (vnd)


1,840,000 vnd
  • Accident 24/24: 1,5B (vnd)
  • Medical treatment: 100M (vnd)
  • Out patient: 10M (vnd)


2,933,000 vnd
  • Accident 24/24: 2B (vnd)
  • Medical treatment: 200M (vnd)
  • Out patient: 10M (vnd)


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  • Please review confirmation email to ensure that all of the information is correct.
  • If you have any changes or questions, please kindly contact us via hotline: 0904 990 910 or email:
Note: Non-refundable insurance policy

Registration deadline

Registration has expired. Please contact the hotline for assistance
Quynh Mai
Mobile: 0904 990 910 / Email:
Phan Hien
Mobile: 0979 494 095 / Email:


Golden Health is the healthcare and personal accident designed for employees of Vietjet Air,
which is insured by Baoviet Insurance Corporation, designed and arranged by GiNET Vietnam.

Eligible employees must have labour contracts signed with Vietjet Air in accordance with Labor code of Vietnam and enough all conditions as below:
– Not over 65 years old
– Insured person is not suffered from mental illness, leprosy, cancer
– Not over 50% permanent disability
– Not under treatment(s) of any illness/ disease or bodily injury

Detailed information and registration form is at the link:

  • Golden Health is designed exclusively for VietJet Air’s employees withcompetitive benefits and premiumcompared to the individual insurance program offered in the market. For example, with benefits ofoption 1 (premium VND2.2 million), the premium of the individual plan in the marketis at least VND3.5 millionwithout extension clausesandthere is no waiver of waiting period (30 days fornormaldisease, 365 days for special disease/ pre-existing condition, …)
  • Claim procedure is supported by professional team.

Payable premium is:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4





Golden Health is an insurance program with the very competitive premium, good benefits and many extension clauses.

Premium payment: Premium will be deducted from salary by HR division.

Golden Health includes all benefits as Death due to diseases/ accident, Medical expenses due to accident/ Inpatient/ Outpatient and Dental Care (This policy excludes Maternity and Childbirth). There are 04 options from lower to higher limit (for example Death due to accident from 300 million to 2 billion/ person/year). You can choose the most suitable optionto fix the demand of individual (please refer the details in website).

Waiting period is defined as a time period in which the relevant benefits will not be paid. Bao Viet shall exclude all risks occurring during that time, including but not limited to their related expenses or consequences thereof which arise after the waiting period as specified.

Golden Health doesn’t apply any waiting period for medical treatment due to illness/ diseases, Death/Permanent Disablement due to normal illness, disease and apply waiting period for Death/Permanent Disablement due to Special Diseases, Pre-existing conditions. It is the additional clause being better than all individual programs in the market (apply the waiting period for all benefits). Details as below:

Normal illness, sickness, diseaseWaived
Special Diseases, Pre-existing conditions, excluded disease of first yearWaived
Death/Permanent Disablement due to normal illness, diseaseWaived
Death/Permanent Disablement due to Special Diseases, Pre-existing conditions365 days

Direct billing is an arrangement between Insurance company and a hospitals (or other medical establishments), whereby hospital sends bills for services directly to Insurance company and Insurer will pay directly total or part of your medical expenses.

Insured of Golden Health obtain direct billing with Inpatient (Hospitalization and Surgery) at all hospitals/medicalestablishments in List of direct billing network of Baoviet in Vietnam. In other cases, please kindly collect all papers to claim back. Each insured will have one direct billing card showing some basic information about Policy number, period, etc.

For direct billing procedure:

  • Before Hospitalization:
    Present your  Health care  Insurance card and your ID card/Certificate of birth/ passport to the hospital
  • Before Discharge:
    – Sign the treatment vouchers
    – Settle any exceeding expenses or non-covered items prior to leaving

You can treat at any standard, high quality hospital, clinic, medical facility in Vietnam such as Vinmec, FV, Hoan My, Hanh Phuc, Cho Ray… , as long as it can issue the VAT invoice, with legal entity stamp on the medical document and is not in Bao Viet’s blacklist.

Support for insurance benefits

Insurance program support

Ms Quỳnh Mai – 0904990910

Ms Phan Hiền – 0979 494 095

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Add : 11 Floor, Harec Building, 4A Lang Ha Street, Ha Noi
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