GiNET Việt Nam 


Care Plus Health Care Insurance cover limit up to

US$ 1.9 millions  per year!



PJICO CARE PLUS is international healthcare insurance program provided by PJICO in cooperation with AXA International Healthcare Insurance Company.

  • Territorial Scope: Vietnam, South East ASIA, Worldwide (except USA)
  • Overal Annual Limit: From VND 1,100,000,000 _ up to VND 42,000,000,000
  • Outside area of cover: Worldwide cover - from VND 1,000,000,000 - up to VND 10,000,000,000 and limited to 90 days per trip 
  • In-patient treatment  (In-patient/Surgical): FULL COVERED
  • Oncology treatment _ Treatment given for cancer received as an In-patient or day-patient at the hospital: FULL COVERE 
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation/ Repatriation: FULL COVERED
  • Out-patient Services: From VND 1,100,000,000 _ up to VND 42,000,000,000
  • Annual Medical Examination/ vaccine: Apply for A1,A2,B1, from VND 2,500,000/ year - up to VND 17,000,000/year
  • Alternative Treatment _ o    Consultation and treatment provided and prescribed by a qualified and registered chiropractor, , dietician, nutritionist, naturopath, acupuncturist, homeopath, physiotherapist and traditional Chinese medicine practitionero    vitamins, supplements, and Chinese traditional medicine when such are prescribed by the alternative practitioner or medical practitioner: Apply for A1,A2,B1,B2 - from VND 10,000,000 - up to VND 42,000,000
  • Benefits include: In-patient,out-patient,dental, maternity, Optical Benefit 


 Plan D1 & D2

From VND 5,090,000

Plan C1 & C2

From VND 9,230,000

Plan B1 & B2

FromVND 16,370,000

Plan A1 &A2

From VND 24,340,000


Corporates: Companies, enterprises, entities and sponsoring organizations legally licensed to operate in Vietnam. Minimum 3 employees and corporate should be worked in Vietnam at least 6 months already.

Individuals: Insured is Vietnamese citizen and foreigners residing inVietnam (foreigner is living in vietnam from 185 days and above)


Step 1: Download form: Application Form (Group: company & employee; Individual​)​

Step 2: Full fill your infomation and sign in the application form => scaning the application form and sending via email to GiNET

Step 3: GINET will send back to customer after 1 or 2 days for the approval letter of insurance compnay

Step 4: Clients make payment for the full year premium and send the bank transfer successful to GiNET via email

Step 5: GINET send the hardcoppy of policy to client after 3 - 4 days 



Step 1: Present your membership card and proof of identification to the receptionist prior to the consultation.

Step 2: Sign the Letter of guarantee for hospital expenses or Claim form to acknowledge receipt of the treatment following the hospitalization and authorize The insurer to handle expenses for the medical facilities.

Step 3: Settle any co-insurance, excess amounts or uninsured items with the hospital prior to leaving.


Step 1: Self payment -> Collecting documents & medical expense invoices (Within 120 days after the first medical examination)

Stept 2: Send to GiNET and receive the notification of claim settlement results via email (Within 15 working days)

Step 3: Confirm the amount by email if required & checking account (Within 05-07 working days)


GiNET Viet Nam

Floor 11, Harec Building, 4A Lang Ha Street, HaNoi City.
Tel: 047 1080 688

HOTLINE: 0977 222 085

Ho Chi Minh Brand: 

100 – 102 Dien Bien Phu Street, Da Kao
1 District, Ho Chi Minh City.
Tel: 087 1080 688



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