Professional insurance cover worldwide for you and your family


  • Territorial Scope  Worldwide (except USA), worldwide
  • Overal Annual Limit  From US$1,500,000 up to US$ 5,000,000
  • Outside area of cover Cover USA – from $ 40,000 – up to $ 100,000 and limited to 90 days per trip.
  • In-patient treatment  (In-patient/Surgical) FULL COVERED
  • Oncology treatment _ Treatment given for cancer received as an In-patient or day-patient at the hospital FULL COVERED
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation/ Repatriation FULL COVERED
  • Out-patient Services From US$1,000 – up to full cover
  • Annual Medical Examination/ vaccine Apply for Comprehensive $ 700 & Elite $ 1,000
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy Apply for Comprehensive & Elite$ 500 
  • Benefits include In-patient,out-patient,dental, maternity


High insured limit, sufficient cover for treatment of critical condition in developed countríe.

Area of cover worldwide, give members access to high technology of medical services  in the world

Fully covered for cancer treatments 

Emergency or non-emergency medical evacuation for inpatient, daycare or outpatient treatment.

Check-up package upto $1,000/year including health-screening and vaccination

Dirrect settlement worldwide for inpatient and daycare, outpatient dirrect billing in Vietnam, Thailand anf Cambodia

Red 24/7 services – safety service assistance, on the ground crisis management support

Worldwide and Vietnam hotline 24/7

Treatment at private doctor is payable

Transparent, fast and fair claim procedures

Free premium for 2nd, 3rd, 4th child under 18 years old

Ability for child 0 – 17 years old placing a stand alone policy

Renewal guarantee for individual policy

NO renewal premium loading for individual high cliam experience ( except increase due to medical inflation and age-band)

NO claim discount up to 25%

Possibilities of continutious cover when member relocates to another countries.

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Worldwide ( exclude USA)

From US $1,014

Worldwide ( exclude USA)

From US $1,014


Corporates: Companies, enterprises, entities and sponsoring organizations legally licensed to operate in Vietnam. 

Individuals: Insured is Vietnamese citizen and foreigners residing inVietnam (foreigner is living in vietnam from 185 days and above)

Age of inception: The age from 0 days old to 64 years old, and being extended to 74 years old to renewal members. 

Ability for child 0 -17 year old placing a stand – alone policy.

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HOTLINE: 0977 222 085

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